Inverter Hòa Lưới Sofar Solar AMASS-STORE BATTERY



Product Model: 2590Wh(Total energy)


Thanh toán ngay

Bộ Hòa Lưới Sofar Solar

  • Compatible with SOFARSOLAR storage inverter.

  • CANbus / RS485 communication interface available between inverter and battery.

  • Self-designed BMS inside to monitor battery status & build in protection function.

  • Scaleable battery design – Can extend the using time when batteries in parallel.

  • Allow easy wall-mounted installation or battery module placement into cabinet.

  • Simple connection between inverter and battery to save installation time & cost.

  • Long cycle life ( > 4000 times ), 10 years lifespan.

  • TUV / UN certification approval.


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 Download Specifications AMASS-STORE BATTERY Here