Đèn Chiếu Đường Năng Lượng Mặt Trời 03LY

Street lamps have traditionally been installed in “skyscraper” locations to provide light for road sections. During the day, they almost face the complete sunlight from morning to night, recognizing these favorable features, manufacturers have cleverly applied solar panels to the lighting system to exploit electricity. Clean and free from the sun. Solar street light 03LY is one of the high-class applications of this technology, with many advantages such as high photoelectric absorption and conversion capacity, long and strong lighting ability, simple installation, long service life …


Thanh toán ngay

Detailed specifications of the product:

Lamp power 15W
Dimensions (D * R * C) 787 * 184 * 84 mm
Lumen (Max) 2600Lm
CCT 3600 – 6500K
CRI Ra> 80
Projection angle 70 ° × 140 °
Battery Panels
Wattage 16.6W
Size 565 * 184 * 4.5mm
Vmp 5V
Imp 3.33A
The battery LiFePo4 32650
Capacity 36Ah
Battery nominal voltage 3.2V
Material Aluminum
Operating temperature 0 ° – 50 ° C
Installation height 5-6m

Outstanding characteristics and features of SL03LY solar electric street light

– The body and light frame are made from aluminum alloy, providing a much stronger, more rigid than ordinary plastic light fixtures. Outside is a very high-class anti-rust and anti-corrosion paint coating.

– Looking at the detailed product photos below, you can see, the light device’s pulse is arranged a lot of heat holes, this is to prevent untimely heat escape that can affect the life of LED light.

– In addition, the product also has a heat release button for storage batteries to help increase battery life when in use.

– The rivet part and PE LED protection part are made very solid. Rivets are made of stainless steel and are good against magnetism.

– In addition to automatic charging by solar panels, SL03LY street lamps can be charged by other DC power source via the connection port on the lamp.

– SL03LY solar street light works in 3 operating modes SC1, SC2, SC3

# SC1: Time Control

There are 4 times with the brightness levels adjusted as follows:

  • Time 1: After sunset, the lamp will light up to 100% and maintain this state for 2 hours.
  • Time 2: 3 next hour the light will glow at 80%.
  • Time 3: 2 hours after which the light will be reduced to 50%.
  • Time 4: And finally, at the end of the time 3 lights will shine at 30% until dawn.

The split of the light time helps the lamp have a longer light duration than other street lamps of the same capacity on the market

This mode is often used in places where there are rainy days (over 5 days of rain)  and the weather is not favorable for the production of solar panels.

# SC3: Control the energy

Control the light according to the amount of electricity currently in the battery at the time:

  • At the time the battery level> 50% of the light time with high brightness level will be extended
  • At the time the battery is <50% of the light time with moderate brightness to help extend the light time.

This mode is often used in sunny places and weather conditions facilitate the generation of solar cells.


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